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"Our mission is to engage and empower Black women to leverage their philanthropic potential through the strength of collective giving"


Our Vision

As a united force of Black women, BWGive envisions a transformed era of philanthropy, where collective action fuels positive and sustainable change, nurtures growth, and empowers communities of color to prosper and reach their highest potential.


What Is Collective Giving?

Collective Giving

Collective giving, also known as “giving circles,” brings together like-minded individuals to support shared causes by pooling their resources and making collective decisions about where, when, and how to distribute grants. This collaborative approach allows individuals to have a greater impact collectively than they might have alone. Collective giving offers numerous benefits, including increased engagement, social connectivity, and the ability to make significant contributions to multiple organizations.

How It Works

Collective giving involves three main steps:

  • Give: Each member contributes to a grants pool. Through collective giving, the pool of grant funds grows, enabling impactful grants to be made.

  • Example: 200 Full-Voting Members each contribute $550 to the grants pool, totaling $110,000.

  • Vote: Members participate in the decision-making process by voting on proposed grants. Each member has one vote.

  • Grant: The accumulated funds are awarded to area nonprofits working to foster sustainable change in communities of color (excluding 9% administrative cost to BWGive).

Benefits of Collective Giving

Collective giving offers a range of benefits:

  • Higher Engagement: Donors become more involved in the grantmaking process, leading to a deeper understanding of community needs and increased investment in outcomes.

  • Independence: Giving circles maintain independence by not affiliating with any single nonprofit, allowing donors the freedom to explore new opportunities.

  • Strategic Philanthropy: Members learn how to achieve significant change by working together.

  • Social Connectivity: Members have the opportunity to volunteer, participate in events, and actively build their community together.


Founding Board Members


Shana Salley-MacMillan,

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Summer Fitch.jpg

Summer Willow Fitch, MBA

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Tamika Otis

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Jacqueline Ferguson

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Our History

Finding BWGive in 2016, Shana Salley-MacMillan, Summer Willow Fitch, Jacqueline Ferguson, and Tamika Otis pioneered a movement to engage their fellow Black women and girls in philanthropy by embracing the growing trend of collective giving. Just like many collective giving circles, BWGive is committed to creating a philanthropic effort with dual objectives: to educate members about community needs and multiply the impact of individual donations.

In the history of our grantmaking, we strive to fund projects that:


  • Build the capacity of organizations dedicated to maximizing program outcomes.

  • Support innovative strategies that impact change.

  • Establish expectations for sustainability that create measurable and lasting value.


Central to BWGive’s mission is the concept of collective giving, which underscores the transformative potential of pooling resources and expertise. By embracing this collaborative approach, BWGive not only fosters solidarity and mutual support among Black women but also cultivates a profound sense of shared responsibility and accountability toward the communities they serve. Through our collective action, BWG endeavors to amplify the voices and influence of Black women in philanthropy, catalyzing positive change and lasting impact on a broader scale.


Our Core Values

Core value


At the core of our mission is empowerment. We are dedicated to equipping Black women with the expertise, tools, and confidence to become community changemakers. Through collective giving, we empower Black women to exercise their philanthropic potential, giving them a voice in shaping the future.


Collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach. We recognize that addressing complex social issues requires diverse perspectives and collective action.  Together, as a cohesive community of Black women, we amplify our impact. Collaboration ensures that we harness the strengths and resources of our community to effect meaningful change.  We collaborate with other organizations, communities, and stakeholders to build a network of support, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose in the philanthropic space.


We understand that lasting change requires a commitment to responsible and enduring solutions. Our philanthropic efforts are designed not just for immediate impact but with a focus on long-term benefits. We strive to create a legacy of positive change for future generations.

About Membership


Here’s how BWGive’s Collective Giving Model works:


  • To become a Full-Voting Member, the individual must be 18 and donate $550 by July 1, 2024. Of that amount, $500 goes straight into the pool of grant funds for the coming year. Women who are 25 or younger may join as Jewel Members by donating $125.

  • Membership is a one-year commitment, and there is no obligation to participate beyond donating.

  • Grant finalists are determined through an extensive process of proposal review and evaluation by members, and grant recipients are selected by a vote of the membership — one member, one vote.


Our members represent a diverse mosaic of backgrounds, religions, occupations, experiences, beliefs, and individual interests. We are professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, mothers, sisters, daughters, activists, students, and retirees hailing from various corners of the country, united by our shared commitment to philanthropy and social change.


As a collective, we learn about local needs in underrepresented communities of color and the nonprofits working to meet those needs. Our process includes researching, discussing, and experiencing the vital work being done, as we simultaneously identify gaps in services to our communities. At the end of each grant cycle, we culminate our findings and, as a collective, we vote to award impactful grants.  We are working to foster positive and sustainable change within underrepresented communities of color.


Now in our eighth year, we remain excited about:


  • Being a united force of Black women dedicated to making a difference in their communities.

  • Reshaping the landscape of philanthropy, moving away from the exclusive realm of the wealthy or affluent.

  • Creating positive and sustainable change in underrepresented communities of color, which fosters collaboration and empowerment.

We would love to have you join us!

Our Membership Types


Have even more impact as a Full Voting Member by donating $550.


Contribute your time and become a volunteer by donating $125.


(men only)

Become a member of the Black-Tie Club by donating $550 or more in support and in honor of women.

Join Us

Join Us

Join as a Member for 2025

We welcome all women 18 and over who want to join us in collective giving! 

Make your donation on or before July 1, 2024 to be a member who funds and votes for the grants awarded the following June. 


Payment options:

  • Check.

  • Credit card processed via PayPal.

  • Installments. (Email us for a special installment link.)

Donate to the Grants Pool or Other Programs


We greatly appreciate — and rely on — additional donations from members and nonmembers who want to support BWGive’s collective grants. Donations to BWGive are fully tax deductible.


  • Support Operations: Donations fund the essential daily operations that enable BWGive to accomplish its mission.

  • Join the Black-Tie Club: Although BWGive is a women-led philanthropic effort, men are welcome to support our efforts by donating via the Black-Tie Club. We encourage our men to consider sponsoring the women from their networks such as from their school, church, community, and place of employment.

Be a Corporate Sponsor

Corporate sponsorship provides essential support for BWGive’s grantmaking, education, and membership activities. Please contact us to discuss.

Our Causes


Health & Wellness

Our funding priorities in this category focus on supporting programs and initiatives that enhance the well-being of individuals within communities of color. We prioritize projects addressing healthcare disparities by offering culturally sensitive mental health services and promoting preventive care. Additionally, we aim to empower communities to adopt healthier lifestyles. We also support organizations fostering positive relationships between individuals, families, and communities, and their environment. This may involve conserving or enhancing open spaces and promoting community thriving.



We aim to fund and support education initiatives that foster learning and skill development across all age groups, from children to adults. We prioritize projects that promote equitable access to high-quality education, including formal schooling, vocational training, adult literacy programs, and continuing education opportunities. By focusing on these areas, we aim to empower individuals of all ages to reach their full potential. We do this by investing in programs that enhance educational outcomes, improve literacy rates, and promote lifelong learning, contributing to the development of knowledgeable, skilled, and empowered communities.


Economic Empowerment

In this category, we focus on funding and supporting economic security programs and initiatives that empower communities of color through financial education, asset-building programs, and related services. We prioritize projects that recognize the importance of equipping communities with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of financial management effectively. By focusing on these areas, we aim to support programs working to address the systemic barriers and historical disparities that have hindered economic advancement within communities of color.



BWGive’s grants support initiatives across three key categories: health and wellness, education, and economic empowerment. In education, we prioritize projects that promote equitable access to high-quality education for all age groups, fostering lifelong learning and skilled communities. Our health and wellness grants focus on addressing healthcare disparities and empowering communities to adopt healthier lifestyles through culturally sensitive services and environmental initiatives. In economic empowerment, we support programs that equip communities of color with financial education and tools to overcome systemic barriers, fostering economic advancement and empowerment.


BWGive requires program alignment with our core objectives, aiming to facilitate systemic change, apply innovative solutions to critical needs, and produce measurable impact on the lives of underserved individuals, families, and communities of color.

BWG is particularly interested in programs that:

  • Include innovative and creative solutions.

  • Are based on ethical standards and best practices.

  • Include strategies for sustainability beyond the funding cycle.

  • Incorporate collaboration and cooperation among nonprofit and community partners.

  • Have the potential for long-term impact and may be scaled if successful to serve other populations and geographical territories.

  • Include evaluation tools and protocols to monitor program outcomes.

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