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General Questions:​​

How does BWGive work?


BWGive awards grants to nonprofits in southeast Pennsylvania by engaging women in pooling their individual donations into collective grants, educating members about community issues and the nonprofits that are addressing those issues most effectively, forming grant review committees comprised of members who choose to be involved in proposal review, and awarding unrestricted program operating grants to local nonprofits determined by voting members.


What types of organizations does BWGive fund with its unrestricted program operating grants?


BWGive will review grant requests from nonprofits in southeast Pennsylvania that fit into one of our three focus areas: education, health and wellness, or economic empowerment.


Is my donation to BWGive tax deductible?


Yes, BWGive is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions are tax deductible for the year in which they were made. We encourage you to consult your tax professional for guidance.


How much of my donation will go toward the grants versus administrative expenses?


Of the $550 donation to become a Full Voting Member, $500 goes into the grants pool and $50 goes toward offsetting administrative costs. Jewel Members’ (women up to age 25) donations are $125, all of which goes into the grants pool.​


How does BWGive pay for administrative expenses?


Administrative costs are offset in three ways. First, a small portion of each member’s contribution is directed toward operating expenses. Second, Supporters of BWGive are nonmembers who make unrestricted donations to support administrative costs. All Supporter donations are tax deductible. Finally, BWGive seeks corporate matching funds or other support and in-kind donations specifically for administrative expenses.​​​





Membership Questions:​​



If I can’t make a donation as a member, is there a role for me?


Yes, a very important one. You can be a Jewel Member of BWGive and donate to the grants pool. Additional donations to the grants pool increase the amount of funding that we can award to the outstanding nonprofits vetted through our committees’ review. Donations can be made online or by check. See details on our Join/Donate page.


How involved do I have to be as a member?


Only two things are required of members: They must make a membership contribution by [INSERT MONTH/DAY]. Most members choose to vote for grant recipients, but voting is not a requirement. If you would like to be more involved, you could serve on the committee to review and evaluate grant proposals. You could also join a committee to plan recruiting or networking events, or present educational topics for our workshop series.


How long is my membership to BWGive?

A membership contribution is for the coming year’s grant cycle. Those who donate by [INSERT MONTH/DAY] are members for the year. Members decide each year whether to renew their membership.​


Can I pay my membership contribution in installments?


Yes. Installment payments are available as an option both when paying online or by check, but your full payment must be received by [INSERT MONTH/DAY] to become a member for the duration of the coming year’s grants cycle. All installment payments are nonrefundable donations. Click the Join button and then select the Installments option.


Can men participate in BWGive?


Yes! They can join the Black-Tie Club. Although BWGive is a women-led philanthropic effort, men are welcome to support our efforts by donating to the Black-Tie Club. We encourage our men to consider sponsoring women from their networks, such as from their school, church, community, or place of employment. The Black-Tie Club was designed for men to make a special donation in honor or memory of a loved one, friend, or colleague. Donations must be $550 or more, and Black-Tie Members have the option to designate a woman for Full Voting Membership as a result of their gift. Men who donate under the auspices of the Black-Tie Club can attend all BWGive public events.


Why focus grant making on underrepresented communities of color?


We believe that organizations working in underrepresented communities of color do not have access to a committed pool of resources where the primary goal is to assist them in achieving their mission. BWGive seeks to fund and support the organizations that are addressing issues that more endowed organizations do not consider a part of their social responsibility footprint.


Who decides which grants get funded?


Once the grant review committee completes its review process, it submits its recommendations to the Board of Directors. With the Board’s approval, final grants are then submitted to our members at the Annual Meeting, where they get to ask questions and then vote to approve the new grants.

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